Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Doug Green, a semi-retired
nurseryman and award winning garden author. When it comes to backyard
ponds, I’ve built several for myself (from really tiny to football-field
size) over my garden years and I’m about to launch another one in my
new home garden (it’s under design and will be featured here when I
start building). So what I’m writing here comes from my own training,
experience and background.

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I work on this water gardens information site to bring you the best
practical information and answer your questions so you can enjoy your
pond and have a great experience with it – I hope you find what you’re
looking for here so your dream garden pond landscape can come true.

Solving problems is also what the site is about – from algae to pump
sizing I’ve put real information on these pages (and not trying to sell
you any products or plants from a business website).

If you want other gardening information, use the « more topics » link
in the top right hand corner or search through over 6000 pages by using
the search box found in the lower right of each page.

You’ll also find Q&A; forms scattered throughout the site
where you can ask questions or even answer them from other gardeners. I
hope you take advantage of them.

Again, thanks for visiting and I hope what I’ve written here can help you in some small way.

All the best



Color in Motion

Water lilies – both hardy and tropical to create those amazing colors reflecting in water

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Cool and Romantic

Pond design hints and tricks for making it even nicer

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Right Equipment for the Job

Pond supplies – what you need and sources to get them

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You Can Do This

The basic 20 step by step construction steps you must take to succeed at building your own pond

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A free weekly gardening newsletter with questions and answers,
articles and links to interesting gardening information written with a
sense of humor and backed by 30 years of practical gardening experience

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Pond Blog

Doug’s water gardening blog where he share his pictures, ideas
and articles – you can get it via email or through a rss reader.

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Pond Perennials

Making the Tough Easy

Figuring out the tough stuff or making the tough stuff easy is what this section does –

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Classic Lovely Flowers

Stunningly lovely plants in bloom and easy to grow if you keep them damp

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In-Pond Plants

Necessary Additions

These plants are the unsung heroes of the water garden, keeping it clean and lovely to look at

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Garden courses and seminars (free) taught by Doug with the courses decided on by mass voting of subscribers.

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Doug writes ebooks on practical how-to subjects to save you time
and effort and teach you exactly what you need to know

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Fixing What Ails the Pond

Solutions to problems such as leaking ponds and waterfalls

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pond fountain

Algae Control

Stopping the Green

Here are the non-toxic ways to get rid of green water and ugly plants

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Birds and Beasts

Eating or Digging

There’s always something to interest the critters in the pond – from fish to plants to birds

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Readers Share

Readers share their home backyard pond pictures so if you have a pond, do upload pics here.

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Pond Video

Show ‘n Tell

Water gardening videos from my own garden showing you the things I do to make it work (or less work) 🙂

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Premium full courses and information on a wide variety of
subjects with guaranteed answers from Doug. Advanced gardening
newsletters and other topics.

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Doug’s Main Blog

This is Doug’s main blog where he shares a wide variety of
gardening information and thoughts. His sense of humor is unleashed
against the walls of staid old gardening.

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Full Video Channel

All of Doug’s garden video to show you things, entertain you and
teach you the basics of great gardening. All done by Doug in his usual
style of making the complicated very easy to understand.

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All of Doug’s EBooks Can Be Found Here

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